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Replacing or removing large areas of failed asphalt in driveways, walking paths, parking lots, and other asphalt surfaces can be very expensive, but the need for improvement to your asphalt surfaces remains crucial.

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To have a quick improvement, asphalt companies offer cost-effective and time-saving solutions. It is called an asphalt overlay.

Asphalt overlay is considered more economically practical than having a new pavement since a proper foundation has already been established. If you want to revamp your asphalt surface as soon as possible and at the most affordable solution, an asphalt overlay is all you need. It is different from asphalt replacement or resurfacing, as it doesn’t require any removal of the old asphalt.

Though asphalt overlay is not a long-term solution, it gives you a new surface that costs less than the removal or replacement of the existing asphalt. At Olathe Asphalt Company, we can lay a new asphalt over the existing surface. You will then have a fresh and new look parking lot or driveways.

What is an asphalt overlay? And, how is it applied?

Asphalt overlay is a patching job on a stretch asphalt. If there is no need for asphalt replacement, asphalt overlay will be enough to fix some simple problems. Basically, you need an asphalt overlay once your asphalt surface shows some potholes or cracks.

The application of asphalt overlay starts with the placement of fabric to the damaged asphalt surface like your driveways or parking lots. After applying the fabric, a thin layer of asphalt will be laid. The fabric is sandwiched between your driveway’s or parking lot’s surface and the additional thin layer of new asphalt. The fabric bonds the new asphalt layer to the original surface.

Besides, some pointers need to be checked during the process of asphalt overlaying application:

  • If there are necessary repairs, they must be finished first before the application.
  • Removing all forms of debris and dirt on the asphalt surface is necessary.
  • Tack coat or bond coat must be applied to the existing pavement. It provides a better binding of the newly laid asphalt layer.
  • The thin layer of asphalt will be installed once everything is done. About 1 to 2 inches of asphalt applied in an asphalt overlay process.

What the requirements for asphalt overlay?

Not all existing asphalt surfaces are suitable for asphalt overlay. Here are some of the requirements that need to be considered:

  • The existing asphalt surface must be in stable condition. Meaning there is no need for major repairs.
  • Before the process of asphalt overlay, cracks, potholes, depressions, and other issues must be repaired.
  • There is no need for sub-base replacement.
  • Considering the existing height of walkways, concrete, curbs, and storm sewers are crucial.
  • Check with the community for requirements on asphalt overlay. Issues with water drainage and others should be taken care of.

How much does an asphalt overlay will cost me?

The average cost to repave asphalt through asphalt overlay is about $3 to $7 per square foot for standard materials. They called this project “topcoat.” It involves a thinner asphalt layer on top of an existing surface.

Can you overlay concrete with asphalt?

Do you currently have a concrete parking lot or driveway? And want to make the switch to asphalt pavement? If you are considering updating your parking lot or driveway, you might also wonder if asphalt can be paved right over the top of your concrete surface.

The answer is yes! It is safe to overlay concrete with asphalt. Your concrete parking lot or driveway is a great base material because it is stable and solid. However, there could be potential side effects, so you need to watch out.

What are the benefits of having asphalt overlay?

Asphalt overlay offers almost the same benefit as getting a whole new pavement. The application of thin asphalt layers to the existing surface has become more popular nowadays.

Here are some of the major benefits of having asphalt overlay:

Improving Driving Conditions

Overlays provide a smooth, dark, stable surface that significantly improves driving conditions. It helps minimize dust and reduces noise.

Time-Saving Solution

Asphalt overlay can be done quickly and much quicker than getting new pavement. It provides less hassle by preventing traffic delays.

Cost-effective Solution

One of the major benefits of getting asphalt overlay is that it reduces initial costs and lowers the life-cycle costs of asphalt and concrete pavements. It is recyclable, and it does not require a lot of maintenance.

Long-lasting Solution

Although asphalt overlay is much cheaper than replacement, it helps your asphalt surface last long enough. In fact, your asphalt surface will last ten years longer when thin layers of asphalt are applied regularly. Also, concrete pavements will last for five years longer with a thin asphalt layer. Asphalt overlay provides durability that can handle heavy pressure and traffic.

What makes Olathe Asphalt Company the best asphalt overlay service provider?

Here at Olathe Asphalt Company, the experience is a big thing. With over 20 years of providing asphalt services, we can say we achieve excellence in work. The experience and skilled contractors made us the top asphalt overlay service provider. We ensure that the project is delivered with a high standard and quality workmanship.

We primarily use premium grade asphalt for asphalt overlay. It offers durability, reliability, and resistance to harsh weather conditions. Your asphalt surface will last long as we can provide proper maintenance to increase its longevity.

Also, we only use top-grade and the most up-to-date machines for overlaying asphalt. We want the best services for our customers, which is why we take pride in our efficient and cost-effective asphalt overlay service.

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